CIC Hosted IFSWF Webinar“Carbon Neutrality: Research Framework and Investment Opportunities”


CIC recently hosted a webinar of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds(IFSWF) themed “Carbon Neutrality: Research Framework and Investment Opportunities”.

Dr. Chen Chao, Head of Research Department of CIC, elaborated on topics including inevitable transition to carbon neutrality, potential risks caused by climate change, and global cooperation on confronting climate change. Leveraging CIC’s unique advantages as China’s sovereign wealth fund and based on in-depth research on pertinent policies in China, Dr. Chen also made forensic analysis of China’s “30·60” goals, climate change countermeasures taken by Chinese enterprises, and huge investment cooperation opportunities created by the drive to realize the “30·60” goals.

Research findings show that sovereign wealth funds generally think that green development will create a large pool of opportunities, and economic de-carbonization has become a sure trend for the medium- to long-term economic development. CIC has incorporated low carbon philosophies into its operation and management and proactively mined responsible investment opportunities to contribute to the realization of the “30·60” goals. We stand ready to work in conjunction with our peers to fulfill corporate social responsibilities in our unique way as long-term institutional investors, taking concrete actions to foster a community of life for man and nature.

Gloal Head of Sustainable Investing and Head of China of J.P. Morgan Asset Management were also invited to share views on underlying risks of climate change, viable pathways towards low carbon economy, and how to readjust investment portfolios to address changes.

International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) is a global organization of main sovereign wealth funds worldwide. As a founding member and board member of the IFSWF, CIC has diligently implemented the Santiago Principles for the governance of sovereign wealth funds and has contributed to the development of the forum and broader adoption of the Principles globally.